• Specific + Detailed Objectives
  • Leveled Texts + Passages
  • Mastery-based Assessment
  • Data-driven Instruction

Making Chinese Literacy Achievable

Level Chinese provides K-12 Chinese literacy program for Chinese as second language learners. Based on well researched and proven methods used in ELA classrooms, our program delivers curriculum and assessments necessary to help teachers develop targeted lessons, addressing language function and reading comprehension for literature and informational texts. Our program promote students to become proficient readers and make Chinese literacy more achievable.  To learn more

“This program helped build my confidence so I can read longer and understand more and read different types of Chinese texts”  View all Testimonials

– Finn O-Brien

What's New

New Non Fiction Leveled Books!
Level Chinese and Washington Yu Ying PCS

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Non Immersion Pilot ending in June 2017!
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Our Schools

Over 4000 students at 30 Chinese-language immersion schools and 22 non immersion after school, international school, middle and high schools are now using Level Chinese! Here are a few of the schools: