Design Approach

Level Chinese leverages well researched and proven methods used in ELA classrooms but adapted the content for 2nd language Chinese learners.

Leveled objectives broken down into discreet skills help drive instruction and give both teachers and students a clear path to skill mastery.

Leveled books allow students to read at their own level and pace during guided level reading instruction and independently.

Mastery-based assessment and detailed analytics highlight what to teach next and drive instruction.


Specific Leveled Objectives

Detailed objectives specifically designed for Chinese 2nd language learners and can be mapped to Common Core and CAN DO statements. The objectives give a concrete path for students to follow and for teachers to prepare for everyday instruction.

Reader Workshop style mini lessons per objective provide examples and ideas on how teachers can use any text to instruct the objectives.

“Our students felt like record breaking athletes. As they mastered each objective, they were able to track their progress and push themselves further to master the next objective.”  — Principal, Chinese Immersion School

Leveled Books and Passages

Over 800 published books and passages across all genres (picture books, cultural stories, chapter books, fairy tales, biographies, expository passages, prose, poems, idiom based stories, fables, myths, poems etc.) and formats (print, audio and online).

Each book/passage is assigned a text complexity level based on Fountas and Pinnell text characteristics. Leveled books allow students to practice skills/objectives while reading at their level.

“Using the strategies I learned from this program, it helps built my confidence and makes reading in Chinese more fun.”

– Finn O’Brien, 5th grade student at Chinese Immersion school


Mastery-based Assessments

Each assessment question is mapped to a specific objective. Missed questions clearly indicate to teachers and students which objectives and skills students need to spend more time on.

Each Level provides 3 categories of assessment : Language, Reading Comprehension and Fluency (Running Record).

Students are empowered and engaged with a clear learning pathway. Assessments are online and automatically graded.

“Our students clearly understood the skills they needed to work and were inspired to master them to move to the next level.”

– TeJung Chen, 3rd grade Chinese teacher

Data-Driven Instruction

Detailed analytics per student and sub-group of class views quickly highlight which objectives students are struggling with and which they have mastered.

Analytics identifies trends in the classroom so you can target appropriate instruction with whole class, small leveled reading group or individually and also provide data to guide intervention decision. Save time and boost your instruction.

“I use the results of assessment not only to guide my instruction but also to set goals with students and parents.”

– Chiang Li-Chin, 3rd grade pilot teacher