Middle and High School Chinese Pilot

During the 2015-2016 school year, our pilot teachers and students from K-8 immersion and international schools showed us how our system can improve student literacy. Now, we want to see if our system can help non immersion middle and high school Chinese teachers and students.

Pilot for non immersion middle and high school Chinese is now underway for the 2016-2017 school year.  If you are interested in joining, please fill out the pilot agreement MS-Word PDF and contact pauline@levelchinese.com.

For your reference, click here to see mapping between Level Chinese levels to NCSSFL-ACTFL proficiency levels

Lisa Podbilski, World Language Department Chair and Chinese Teacher from Louisville Collegiate School, Kentucky, reviewed our curriculum and assessment.

She is one of our pilot teachers.  See the slides below for her thoughts on our curriculum and what she has planned for her own classroom.

Cost of Pilot

The only cost is the leveled books. We may be able to use the books in your library. If not, a book budget of $100 can be enough for the pilot. The Level Chinese team will help you figure out the best way to get the pilot going.

How to sign up?

Please review and follow the instructions in the pilot agreement to complete the pilot sign up process. MS-Word PDF

If you have any questions, email pauline@levelchinese.com

Deadline for pilot sign up : Pilot already in progress so join soon!!

What happens after you sign up?

You will receive a login on www.levelchinese.com. Once you login, you will see information to help you determine the range of levels needed by your students.

1. Under Level, you will see a TAB for Objectives for every level. Examine the language and reading comprehension objectives for multiple levels. From that, you may get an idea what range of levels your students may be at.

2. Under the Leveled books TAB at every level. There are previews loaded so you can see the text complexity. There’s also our definition of text complexity description we defined to level books here.

Once you have a range of levels in mind, we will set up online meeting to assist you in book selection if needed.

We have completed a series of teacher training webinars at the beginning of Fall 2016.  We will add webinars as new teachers sign up for the pilot.