Webinars By Pearl You


Pearl You has 19 years of experience in the bilingual language education field both as a teacher and as an administrator.  She started as an English Lead teacher in Guangzhou ChaoTian Primary School in August 1998 and moved to Washington D.C. to become a Chinese immersion lead teacher in January 2010.  In the last 7 years, she took on the leadership role as the Chinese Program Coordinator at Washington Yu Ying PCS.  In this capacity, she led the Chinese teaching team and implemented training sessions in immersion planning, teaching as well as the development and delivery of the curriculum.  In the past few years, she successfully led the Yu Ying team to plan and implement Level Chinese within Yu Ying’s IB-PYP & Chinese Immersion curriculum model.

In 2017, Pearl founded You Consulting LLC.   You Consulting provides consulting services for dual language programs all over the world in the areas of curriculum design, professional development for teachers as well as Level Chinese planning and implementation.  She has consulted at a number of schools such as Washington Yu Ying PCS in D.C. , Daystar Academy in Beijing, Westside Elementary in Maryland and JNAS in Zhejiang Province.  She hopes to use her years of experience to support and work with teachers and administrators to elevate the level of Chinese dual language programs all over the world.  Her email is pearl.y@youconsultingllc.com  and her wechat is mermeid88.

Starting April 2018, Pearl is leading a series of webinars to share valuable teaching concepts and material as well as modeling best practice.  You can view the recording of the webinars here and download the associated presentation.  Webinar schedules and topics are announced in the Level Chinese WeChat group.  To join the group, please contact Pearl via wechat at mermeid88 or email support@levelchinese.com

Why Is Teaching Reading Important? 为什么阅读教学很重要?

In this webinar, Pearl facilities the discussion with teachers from various Chinese programs all around the world on why and how to engage students in acquiring language through reading instruction. She models how to skillfully prompt students to think through reading as well as create opportunities for students to naturally practice interpersonal mode of speaking linking to the reading material. She also demonstrates how to adapt and prepare appropriate reading material for teaching reading if teachers do not have ready-made resources.


You can download slides shown in the webinar here

Why Is Teaching Reading Important?


Recording of Webinar on April 12, 2018