Level Chinese provides visualization of real-time data
in alignment with the Common Core Standards and the ACTFL Performance Descriptors

NCLC 2018 Sessions Recording

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Portland Public Schools reflected on their first year implementation
National Language Flapship Directors meeting
Athens, CA (May 2019)


Hear what administrators, teachers and students are saying about our system.

Chris Livaccari


“… there is an urgent need for literacy system in our field …”

Finn O'Briend


“… system helped me build confidence reading in Chinese …”



“… tremendous growth in students’ ability to read text with comprehension and fluency …”

Our Schools

Over 7500 students at 70 K-5/K-8 immersion schools, bilingual schools, international schools, foreign language classes in middle and high schools are now using Level Chinese! Here are a few of the schools: