Level Chinese Language and Reading Standards

Level Chinese standards are developed based on the Common Core ELA Reading Anchor Standards and ACTFL performance descriptors for Interpretive Reading.  The two sections below show the mapping of Common Core Anchor standard mapping to Level Chinese standards as well as the mapping of ACTFL proficiency levels to Level Chinese.

ACTFL Proficiency Levels for Reading

Mapping between Level Chinese levels to ACTFL Proficiency Levels for Interpretive Reading (PDF)

ACTFL Level Chinese
Novice Low A
Novice Mid B
Novice Mid C
Novice High D
Novice High E
Intermediate Low F
Intermediate Low G
Intermediate Low H
Intermediate Mid I
Intermediate Mid J
ACTFL Level Chinese
Intermediate Mid K
Intermediate High L
Intermediate High M
Intermediate High N
Intermediate High O
Advanced Low P
Advanced Low Q
Advanced Low R
Advanced Low S
Advanced Low T

Common Core for ELA Reading Anchor Standards

Relationship between Level Chinese Reading standards to Common Core Anchor Reading Standards, using Level J as an example