Level Chinese Reading, Writing and Interpersonal Oral Standards

Based on years of Chinese teaching experience, the Level Chinese Content R&D team has developed a set of systematic, concrete and assessable Chinese interpersonal oral, reading and writing levels and standards.  The Level Chinese team considered framework and expectations as specified by each of the following organizations:

As a result, our platform provides:

  • 24 levels of  Reading Foundation Standards and 16 levels of Reading Informational Text Standards
  • 8 levels of Writing Standards for each of the following text types:
    • Informative
    • Narrative
    • Opinion
  • 10 levels of Interpersonal Oral Standards

The following tables and diagrams explain relationship between each organization’s framework and Level Chinese standards.

ACTFL Proficiency Levels Mapping to Level Chinese


ACTFL Level Chinese
Novice Low A
Novice Mid B
Novice Mid C
Novice High D
Novice High E
Intermediate Low F
Intermediate Low G
Intermediate Low H
Intermediate Mid I
Intermediate Mid J
Intermediate Mid K
Intermediate High L
ACTFL Level Chinese
Intermediate High M
Intermediate High N
Intermediate High O
Advanced Low P
Advanced Low Q
Advanced Low R
Advanced Low S
Advanced Low T
Advanced Mid U
Advanced High V
Superior W
Distinguished X


ACTFL Level Chinese
Intermediate Low E
Intermediate Mid G
Intermediate Mid I
Intermediate High K
ACTFL Level Chinese
Intermediate High M
Advanced Low O
Advanced Low Q
Advanced Mid S

Interpersonal Oral (OPI)

ACTFL OPI Score Level Chinese
Novice Low N1 A
Novice Mid N2 B
Novice Mid N3 C
Novice High N4 D
ACTFL OPI Score Level Chinese
Intermediate Low I1 E,F
Intermediate Mid I2 I
Intermediate Mid I3 K
Intermediate Mid I4 M
Intermediate High I5 O

Common Core for ELA Reading Anchor Standards

Relationship between Level Chinese Reading standards to Common Core Anchor Reading Standards, using Level J as an example

Common Core for ELA Writing Anchor Standards

Relationship between Level Chinese Writing standards to Common Core Anchor Writing Standards, using Level K as an example