Early Literacy Offering

Our Early Literacy offering provides structured and systematic approach to teaching the most commonly used characters to new learners.


  • Teach the meaning of characters, broken down by the meaning of different parts of each character.
  • Introduce characters through story telling and theme familiar to young learners.


  • Build awareness in Chinese character structures and understand the function of characters and radicals through games.
  • Transition from recognizing characters to reading simple sentences using already learned characters.

Our offering includes two parts:


Book Series (Click on images for previews)

  • 12 leveled books (levels A – D)

    available in paper form for Read Aloud (8.5×11 in) OR online via our partner Wawayaya Joyreader app

  • Games for students to practice what they’ve learned

  • Teachers’ guide with stories and key teaching points to help teach characters in the context of a story

    downloadable from www.levelchinese.com with book purchase


Paper and Online Assessment and Online progress tracking/analytics

available with a subscription



For more information, contact support@levelchinese.com

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Level A : Nouns

Plants and Animals 植物和动物


Home and School 家和学校

家、爸爸、爷爷、奶奶、妈妈、姐姐、妹妹、哥哥、 弟弟、学校、老师、 学生、同学、 朋友、男、女

Food and Drink 食物和饮料


Calendar 日期


Level B : Verbs

Fun at the Park 去公园玩


Activities At School 在学校


Level C : Repetitive sentence structure made up of Level A and B characters

Things We Do 你在做什么

Go To the Zoo 去动物园

Things We Do During the Week 一个星期

Level D : Patterned Stories made up of Level A and B characters

Who Are They 他们是谁

Things You Like To Eat 你喜欢吃什么

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 昨天、今天和明天