Single Platform Solution

Have you encountered these problems as a Chinese language educator?
  • Lack clear teaching goals?
  • No concrete student learning data?
  • Too many scattered software systems?
  • Spend a lot of time searching for teaching resources?
  • There is never enough time!

Don’t worry! After many years of development, we created Level Chinese, a Complete Platform for Chinese Literacy Assessment and Instruction, to help teachers solve these problems.  Level Chinese provides structured teaching goals organized in a well articulated set of levels.  Each level is made up of standards in the areas of language, reading comprehension for fiction and non fiction as well as writing.  Level Chinese provides online assessment built based on these same standards.  Student assessment data inform teachers in curriculum planning and differentiated instruction.  Level Chinese also provides a wealth of online leveled reading resources and quizzes to support instruction.

Instruction based on Visualization of Real Time Student Data

  • Track Student Progress in both small group and whole class instruction
  • Determine differentiated small group makeup
  • Evaluate each student’s assessment details
  • Automated Data Analysis show clear data on standards to focus during whole class instruction, small group instruction and intervention
  • Maintain multi-year learning history to allow administrators to track progress throughout student’s entire academic career

Single Platform - Save Precious Time

Assessment and teaching resources all in one platform.  Teachers do not need to waste time to learn multiple systems.  Assessments are all online and are automatically graded, reducing teacher workload.  Our online reading platform provides large number and great variety of leveled books so teachers do not waste time searching for suitable reading resources scattered across many different places.

Levels Set Clear Goals for Students

Learning goals organized in levels increases students’ motivation and encourages students to be responsible for their own learning.  Each assessment question is tied to one or more specific standards.  Both teachers and students can clearly see areas which students have mastered and areas which students need more instruction and practice.  The assessment results can objectively reflect the student’s literacy level.

Rich Set of Books and Teaching Resources

Teaching and Learning Resources integrated with our Levels:

  • Mini-Lessons
  • Online leveled books and quizzes
  • Lesson Planning Checklist
  • Comprehension Worksheets
  • Early Literacy Resources

Reading and Writing Complement Each Other