Higher Education Press Limited Company

Founded in May 1954, Higher Education Press Limited Company (HEP), affiliated with the Ministry of Education, is one of the earliest institutions committed to educational publishing after the establishment of P. R. China in 1949. After striving for six decades, HEP has developed into a major comprehensive publisher, with products in various forms and at different levels. HEP ranks among China’s top publishers in terms of copyright export volume for many years.

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Both for import and export, HEP has been striving to fill in the gap of domestic and foreign markets and meet the demand of global customers by collaborating with more than 200 partners throughout the world and selling products and services in 32 languages globally. As a result, HEP ranks among China’s top publishers in terms of copyright export volume for many years.

The Frontiers series published by HEP includes 28 English academic journals, covering the largest academic fields in China at present. Among the series, 13 have been indexed by SCI, 6 by EI, 2 by MEDLINE, 1 by A&HCI. HEP’s academic monographs have won about 300 different kinds of publishing funds and awards both at home and abroad.

The “Cool Panda” educational brand of TCSL, jointly created by HEP, the Georgia State Department of Education, and Kennesaw State University and its Confucius Institute, was successfully included in the Recommended List of the teaching materials by the Georgia State government, which marks that “Cool Panda” has officially entered into the US primary educational system, becoming another successful case of Chinese quality teaching resources entering into foreign mainstream educational system after Experiencing Chinese series was included in the Recommended Textbook List of the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

At present, HEP has successfully “go global”, ranking among the world’s top 50 largest publishing enterprises in terms of comprehensive strength.


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Website: www.hep.com.cn

Email: lifl1@hep.com.cn Tel: +(8610)-5858 1883

Periodicals: http://academic.hep.com.cn/skld/EN/skld/home.shtml

Sinolingua Co., Ltd

Sinolingua Co., Ltd., a member of China International Publishing Group (CIPG), was founded in 1986. It is the first publisher in China to specialise in Chinese language teaching and learning materials for foreigners, and remains a prestigious brand in this field. Sinolingua specialises in producing books, audio-video products and multimedia software for the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language. Materials, produced in 43 languages, include textbooks and teaching supplements, HSK preparation books, reference books, and reading materials related to Chinese culture.

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Over nearly three decades, Sinolingua has produced a wide range of influential publications on teaching Chinese as a foreign language. For example, the Interactive Chinese series, published in 11 languages, is the first of its kind in China and has sold over 60,000 sets. Contemporary Chinese for Beginners, published in 2011 in 43 languages, is one of the most authoritative and influential Chinese teaching materials for adult learners in the world. Official Examination Papers of HSK (Level 1– level 6),produced with the official approval of Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, is the first ever publication of previous authentic examination papers of the new HSK test.

Currently, Sinolingua has more than 400 Chinese teaching-and-learning books and audio-video products on sale, and publishes over 200 new titles a year.

Sinolingua has established extensive business relations with publishers and distributors worldwide. Sinolingua London, the first overseas subsidiary of Sinolingua Co., Ltd., was established on March 10, 2009. It publishes Chinese language textbooks and multimedia materials especially for the Chinese learning market in the UK and English-speaking countries. It has published a series of influential products, such as Chinese Express – Talk Chinese and Chinese GCSE.
Sinolingua is dedicated to satisfying the needs of Chinese language learners worldwide and all kinds of publishing cooperation are actively promoted.



Contact Info:

Website: www.sinolingua.com.cn

Email: caoyuwei@sinolingua.com.cn Tel: +(8610)-6899 7826  +(8610)-6832 0585

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) is the largest foreign languages publisher and university press in China. The formats of our products have extended from print to digital and mobile. With a special strength in languages and deep understanding of Chinese and other cultures, FLTRP is well positioned to tell China stories to the world. We actively engage in the promotion of cultural understanding between China and other parts of the world.

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Website: www.fltrp.com

Email: guojiajia@fltrp.com Tel: +(8610)-8881 9938

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Anhui Children’s Publishing House

Being subordinate to Anhui Publishing Group and Time Publishing and Media Co., Ltd., Anhui Children’s Publishing House is a professional publisher of children’s books. Since it was established in 1984, Anhui Children’s Publishing House has all along adhered to the publishing philosophy of “Put Children First, Look into the Future”, and has published a large number of children’s books which were thoughtful as well as artistic, playing an active role in guiding children’s growth with excellent children’s books. As a result, it was awarded many honorary titles such as “National Advanced Collective in Press and Publication”, “Top 100 National Outstanding Publishers” and “National Key Cultural Export Enterprises”. In addition, it ranks among China’s greatest children’s publishing house in comprehensive strength.

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From more than 30 years’ endeavor, it has developed into a highly international, professional and branding publisher and service provider for children’s book with the approach of “Strategies Plus Brand” that makes the main business stronger, and the approach of “Cross-business and Integration” that leads to the growth of the main business into the best publishing industry.

As for the major business, it increases steadily with notable effects of brand publishing, Anhui Children’s Publishing House is at the top in economic strength in the market among China’s 584 publishers. Hence, it wins “Chinese Government Award of Publishing”, the “Five-A Project: A Good Book” Prize and “Chinese Best Publications Award”, etc.

As for the industries, depending on the major business of children’s publishing, Anhui Children’s Publishing House extends industrial chains of contents and channels on the one hand, and integrates industries such as e-commerce, children’s digital industry, early childhood education on the other hand through diversified layout which is cross-regional, interdisciplinary, cross-media and cross-ownership, taking the lead in exploring a mature way to develop children’s cultural industry.

The company philosophy is to pass the splendid culture on to the new generation, present a sunny childhood to children and a hopeful future to humankind.



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Website: www.ahse.cn

Tel: +(86)-0551-63533528

Mandarin Companion

The Mandarin Companion publishes the most level appropriate and engaging Chinese graded readers for students of the Chinese language.

Based entirely on the concepts of comprehensible input and extensive reading, each book is scientifically leveled to provide high repetition of characters and words a learner is likely to know. All of this is wrapped into a captivating story that compels readers to turn the next page.

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The series is built on three levels which build on each other, starting at the 150 character Breakthrough Level and moving onto the 300 character Level 1 and the 450 character Level 2. Each level is based on a comprehensive analysis of Chinese learning textbooks, lessons, and learner discussions. Mandarin Companion is a new generation of graded readers for a new generation of Chinese learners.



Contact Info:

Website: MandarinCompanion.com

Email : Jared@mandarincompanion.com